February 5, 2018

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RTOG 1112:
Amendment 5 has been approved by Health Canada. Sites in Canada can access the NOL and TPD forms on CTSU.

: Participating UK institution list has been updated. Amendment 13; version date: December 20, 2017 (memo posted on CTSU).

Amendment 3; version date: December 20, 2017. Documents are available on the CTSU website.


NRG-HN004: Specimen Transmittal Form (For Peripheral Blood) has been revised and is posted on CTSU. Use the revised version date January 26, 2018 immediately.

NRG/RTOG 9804:
An important statistical analysis is being planned for NRG/RTOG 9804. Please review the OPS tool and patient calendars and submit all outstanding data as soon as possible. Please be sure to submit all data due in the next couple of months, as well as all future data as soon as it’s available. This will ensure that a long term update of this trial can be done. Thank you for your cooperation.

NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13: Reminder regarding Tumor Tissue Specimen Collection (posted to CTSU).

: As indicated on the February 1, 2018, "Dear Investigator Letter," all patients are to stop protocol-directed metformin versus placebo treatment. For all institutions that received study drug, please destroy used and unused study drug according to local standard operating procedures. Documentation of destruction must be recorded on your site’s accountability form. Please send your site’s final accountability form to NRG-GY-Regulatory@nrgoncology.org (memo posted on NRG Oncology).

GOG Legacy Protocols: Data Management Responsibility Transition Memo (posted on GOG legacy).

The VTOC Webinar Training Series schedule and registration is available for NRG Oncology Research Associates working on RTOG 0924, RTOG 0920, NRG-HN001, NRG-HN002, NRG-CC003, and NRG-CC004. Space is limited so register now and reserve your seat.  The next webinar training is scheduled for February 14, 2018.

Safety updates and an Investigator's Brochure have been issued for NSABP legacy studies. For details, please see the NSABP E-mail Distributions page and CTSU.

Safety updates have been issued for the following NRG Oncology studies:

- Ipilimumab: NRG-BN002, NRG-GY003
- Nivolumab: NRG-BN002, NRG-GY002, and NRG-GY003

  • For NRG-GY002 and NRG-GY003 safety reports, please see the protocol page on NRG Oncology for details.
  • For NRG-BN002 safety reports, please see the RTOG General Broadcast page for details.

NRG Oncology is pleased to report the scientific articles and abstracts that have appeared or have been presented during the previous week. This publications report includes links, when available, to the article, PubMed abstract, or association abstract.

Lawrence YR, Moughan J, Magliocco AM, Klimowicz AC, Regine WF, Mowat RB, DiPetrillo TA, Small W Jr, Simko JP, Golan T, Winter KA, Guha C, Crane CH, Dicker AP. Expression of the DNA repair gene MLH1 correlates with survival in patients who have resected pancreatic cancer and have received adjuvant chemoradiation: NRG Oncology RTOG Study 9704. Cancer. 2018 Feb 1;124(3):491-498. doi: 10.1002/cncr.31058. Epub 2017 Oct 20. PubMed PMID: 29053185; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC5780226. Read more

Please note the following upcoming meeting and abstract submission deadline dates

Upcoming Meetings
American Association for Cancer Research (AACR); Apr 14-18, 2018; Chicago, IL

Upcoming Abstract Submission Deadlines
American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO); Jun 1-5, 2018; Chicago, IL; due to publications committee Jan 23, 2018; meeting abstracts submission deadline Feb 13, 2018; Late-breaking Mar 15, 2018

American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO); Oct 21-24, 2018; San Diego, CA; due to publications committee Jan 30, 2017; meeting abstracts submission deadline Feb, 142018; Late-breaking Aug 1, 2018

College of American Pathologists (CAP); October 20-24; Chicago, IL; due to publications committee Feb 23, 2018; meeting abstracts submission deadline Mar 9, 2018

Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC); Jun 28-30, 2018; Vienna, Austria; due to publications committee Jan 26, 2018; meeting abstracts submission deadline Feb 9, 2018; Late-breaking due Apr 22, 2018

NRG Oncology is proud to be an active participant of #CancerMoonShot.

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